A NEW concept radio station has started in Ealing, fusing charity and music culture.

Earth Dance Radio hopes to encourage listeners towards the path of charity. The station supports a variety of charities, including the World Wildlife Fund, Friends of the Earth and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

EDR operates on a small, community-based level. The music played covers a range of genres, including techno, trance, drum and bass and house.

Founder Edd Black said: “The majority of dance music listeners are in the demographic of 16-35 males and females. If people are tuning in, we hope they’ll also see the campaigns the charities are running and lend their support by spreading the word or donating.”

Edd explained they are not the first to use music for a good cause, citing Live Aid as the fore-runners. However, he hoped the station would be a constant source of information, sponsorship and entertainment.

The station broadcasts most week nights and is looking for more presenters to fill the schedule.

To find out more about Earth Dance Radio, visit http://earthdanceradio.org.uk/