A CHARITY for homeless young people in Northolt received a cheque for more than £2,500 as part of the annual fund-raising efforts of Ealing Council apprentices.

Fourteen apprentices collected funds for Centrepoint in Northolt by sleeping outside the town hall for a night in March.

They also gathered donations through a refreshment sale in the town hall and a raffle.

The apprentices received an overwhelming response from people across the borough. They have received a total of £2,714 so far, with further donations still being received.

Sharelle Philip, Ealing apprentice, said: “Sleeping rough made me think that it must be very scary and that you must feel very vulnerable.

“As apprentices we were safe. However, young people who actually do sleep on the streets are not, and that’s something to be worried about.”

The Ealing Council apprenticeship scheme continues to go from strength to strength, with the Ealing Pathways programme winning the national Children’s Services Local Government Award this year.

The ‘100 in 100’ campaign, which ran from September to December, exceeded its target to create 100 job pledges for those aged 16-24 within 100 days, by more than 60%.