EALING’S only state-funded girls’ school is celebrating the appointment of a new head teacher.

Rachel Kruger joined the Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls in January 2012 as deputy head.

She was made acting head of the specialist maths and science school in September last year before being made permanent head this month.

South-African-born, she stresses the importance of single-sex education.

“In a changing world, a girls-only education is now more relevant than ever before,” she says.

The maths and music graduate said the new post felt like her perfect job.

“Since the moment I started teaching I knew I wanted to become head of a girls’ school,” she explained.

“From my own personal experience of attending a girls’ school, and what I have experienced professionally, I know that educating girls on their own works.”

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls, named after the first female Minister for Education in the post-war Labour government, has 1,400 pupils aged 11-19.

The new head, who is also a trained opera singer, said there were now many more opportunities in life for women than when the school opened in the 1970s.

“As head teacher my goal is to ensure that every Ellen Wilkinson girl knows she no longer has a ‘place’ in society - she has ‘places’ - and has the education and confidence to go wherever she wants.”