ACTON author Philip Webb’s second novel, Where the Rock Splits the Sky, is now published by Chicken House. It is a science-fiction thriller for teenagers, set in future Mid-West America.

Webb said he was taken by the stunning landscape and wild nature of the Mid-West when he took a road trip with a friend many years ago.

The setting inspired him so much that he chose to set it as the backdrop to his book.

He combines sci-fi and the classic Western in his new young-adult novel.

“I love the young-adult scene,” he said. “My favourite authors would have to be people like Philip Reeve, Philip Pullman and Suzanne Collins, author of the Hunger Games series.

“I enjoy writing for the young adult audience - there is a degree of freedom you have.”

Where the Rock Splits the Sky has already received positive reviews on the goodreads website.

One reviewer describes the novel as “a surreal, heart-pounding adventure from start to finish.”

Webb describes the experience of seeing his book on the shelf as a feeling of elation. He also enjoys having his novels available online as it allows people to respond rapidly to them.

His advice to aspiring writers: “Don’t give up, write because you love writing. If you’re seeking fame and fortune, forget it. It is very tough to get published, but write because you love writing and enjoy doing it.”

Where the Rock Splits the Sky tells of a planet dominated by extra-terrestrials, who have destroyed the Moon and stopped the Earth from spinning.

The area between Alaska and Mexico has been turned into a terrifying wilderness called The Zone, and Megan Bridgewater must navigate through it, with the help of her faithful horse, Cisco, and two friends, Luis and Kelly, to find her missing father.

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