HANWELL Rugby Club is appealing for help to find a suitable pitch in the area as ground-sharing and flooding have led to training and games regularly being called off.

Currently playing in the Middlesex Merit Table 6, the club was founded last April following London’s successful summer of sports with the 2012 Olympics.

They have been playing at a pitch at Boston Manor Playing Fields but share the pitch with a local school, which takes priority.

John Bodman, Hanwell's hooker, said: “Last summer, I spoke to the council and was told we would be placed on a waiting list for pitches. However, [I was told] ‘rugby is not a priority’. I have recently applied again but was once again given the same answer.”

He believes the foundations the team have laid mean they can expand.

He said: “We have huge potential to grow the club both in terms of success and also progressing into age-group rugby, like minis section and colts. But, in order to do this, we would require more freedom within the terms of a home ground, as senior rugby is traditionally Saturday afternoon, colts is Saturday morning and minis usually Sunday.”

If you can offer support, or would like to get involved with the club visit www.hanwellrfc.com