EX-OFFENDERS will gain more support from next month as the JobCentre co-locates to Ealing Community Hub in Craven Road.

The move, from March 10, will add to the profile of support services for ex-offenders.

Citizens Trust Business Manager Ian Whitehead said: “Through working together and sharing our knowledge and expertise, we offer a real chance of a future for ex-offenders genuinely wanting to rebuild their lives.”

An initiative of the Citizens Trust, Ealing Community Hub works in partnership with agencies to provide training programmes and job prospects.

The Hub currently consists of London Probation Trust, substance misuse and rehabilitation agency Ealing RISE, housing partner Equinox and the Met Police. It provides immediate provides accommodation, drugs and alcohol support, offers benefits advice and also registers individuals with an education, training and employment adviser.

Artist, a probation service user said: “Coming to the Hub and seeing other people working towards education and training opportunities gave me the motivation to want to achieve the same things.”

Most individuals registered with Ealing’s IOM team have committed crimes to help fund their drug habit, including robbery, burglary and motor vehicle crime.

Sgt Russell Wren, head of Ealing Integrated Offender Management Unit, said: “Our team focuses on managing prolific offenders, who are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime in the community.

“The Community Hub is a great asset and helps us build positive relationships between police and offenders through joint sessions with our partner agencies."

The Ealing Hub has also attracted attention from Ealing Advice Centre, which is considering a Hub base for a number of days per week.