DOCTOR Rupa Huq is a woman of many parts, mother, lecturer, author, newspaper columnist, DJ, blogger, former deputy mayoress and now, of course, Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central & Acton.

She has written books on suburban life and popular culture and has expressed views on subjects as varied as immigration, NHS cuts, Bill Clinton, Roald Dahl, Morrissey and even garden gnomes.

There is one subject where her articulacy has uncharacteristically failed her -the third runway at Heathrow (unlike some of her Labour colleagues, such as Andrew Slaughter MP for Hammersmith or Ruth Cadbury PPC for Brentford & Isleworth, who have both long opposed Heathrow expansion, as indeed has Angie Bray MP, her opponent at the next election).

Can we expect Dr Huq to add her voice to the opposition to a third runway or does she intend to remain silent on an issue that would blight the lives of the people she hopes to represent?

DAVE ROBINS, Wimpole Road, West Drayton