EALING man Lennart Stenman has been awarded Fellowship of the Institution of Civil Engineers, the highest grade of ICE membership.

It is reserved for those with a responsibility in the planning, design, construction, maintenance or management of important engineering work.

ICE president Geoff French presented Mr Stenman with his award at ICE headquarters in Westminster.

Mr Stenman, who became an engineer because he was excited by the idea of building something long-lasting, currently works as a project director for Skanska UK.

His career highlight involved working in New York on the Ground Zero project.

Originally from Sweden, Mr Stenman has lived in Weymouth Avenue, South Ealing, for just over three years with his wife, Annick, and their two daughters.

Active members of the RSPB, he and his wife also enjoy visiting the Questors Theatre in Mattock Lane and taking part in Gunnersbury Park runs.