PEOPLE in Ealing are urged to take part in a consultation on supporting children with long-term medical conditions in schools across the country.

Diabetes UK campaigns on behalf of all people with, or at risk of, developing diabetes and wants to ensure that an amendment to the Children and Families Bill contains effective guidance.

This will make a huge difference to the care that children with long-term illnesses receive during school hours. The guidance will show what schools are expected to do from September.

Children with conditions such as asthma, epilepsy and type 1 diabetes require additional support to manage their illness and, often, medicine.

Roz Rosenblatt, Diabetes UK London region manager, said: "This consultation offers a huge opportunity to help ensure that all children are able to fully participate in their education, here in Ealing and across the country.

"Some parents and carers are telling us their children are being refused help with their insulin or are refused a snack to help treat low blood-sugar levels."

Children with these long-term illnesses can find themselves left out of school trips and sports lessons, which can have a negative effect on their learning, development and self-esteem.

The consultation can be completed online at