Rahul Nath has taken a stand once again and this time in the form of his new movie KHAZANA (which translates into the english language as Treasured). The movie will focus on the struggles met by a desi American girl (Sonal Shah), who faces abuse from her newly married family and also from those around her. The actors forming the abuse powerhouse include her husband (Ahmed Lucan), her mother in law (Shruti Tewari) and her so called loving sister in law (Sapna Gandhi). Also thrown into the mix are a sexy and sultry mistress (Reem Kadem), a shrink (Bahram Khosraviani) and a 'trustworthy' doctor (Rahul Nath). Collectively, they take advantage of the main protaganist and abuse her, till the time comes when she takes a stand and fights back.

Rounding up the cast are the protagnists mother (Kavita Patil), her best friend (Ulka Mohanty) and her father in law (Laksh Singh).

The story has been formulated by various incidents that Rahul Nath witnessed, heard and came to know of while he was growing up in the UK. Most of the stories have been maginfied and/or changed for the big screen. Rahul Nath known to write and formulate golden roles for actresses, this time has not let his fellow actors be pused to the side and has assured us that the men in KHAZANA will walk away with as much glory as the women, though it may not be for favourable reasons.

Similiar to his last projects 'Foreign' and 'Compromise', KHAZANA too will be very bold and daring in its approach. There has been talks of various scenes coming across as highly disturbing and also of the subject matter being highly controversial, but this has not stopped Rahul from going ahead and getting the movie to the big screen.

"I always like to make movies that have a shock value, otherwise I have no excitement when making them. What has encouraged me more to go ahead and make KHAZANA is that we have on board amazing talent who are diving head first into the project and really giving it their all when it comes to showcasing these characters on the screen. I wanted a cast that is as fearless as me and I have got that and much more with KHAZANA'.

The project will be shot extensivley in Los Angeles and has an expected release date for late 2013.
Coming high of Rahul Nath's success at the South Asian Film Foundation in Goa and the Jaipur International Film Festival in Jaipur for his previous movies (Foreign and Compromise), KHAZANA has already been accepted and will be shown in these prestigious films festivals for their 2014 showings.

More can be viewed at the KHAZANA Facebook page at


where you can see interviews from the cast and behind the scenes footage

The movie is promoted with the tagline 'Revenge is served'.


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