A CLOSURE order on the former Northcote Arms pub, Northcote Avenue, Southall, means unauthorised people discovered in the building risk arrest.

It was due to be converted into a care home after planning permission was granted this year, but no work was done and the site became neglected.

The pub was vandalised and used by drug dealers and rough sleepers.
Ealing magistrates have ordered the owners, Woodhouse Care Homes, to pay £1,500 to the council.

Council leader Julian Bell said: “I hope this order sends a clear message to the owners that we will not tolerate this building remaining a blight on our community.”

Neighbours had to put up with fires there and hazardous waste being dumped on the site.

Janpal Basran, of Southall Community Alliance, said there had been a drop in anti-social behaviour since the order.

“There was strong support to take this action because of the anti-social behaviour affecting nearby residents and because the site had, quite frankly, become an eyesore,” said Mr Basran.

“Funnily enough I used to live on that road as a child and remember the pub well. I would like to see it re-developed as an asset for community use, perhaps something that could promote health, community education and youth inclusion.”