JACK Dee plays on his reputation as a grouchy so-and-so in his latest show, but what surprised me by the end of the two hours is just how likeable he is.

He ambled onto the stage at the Wycombe Swan last Thursday, which was sold out, and begins talking about his list of pet peeves with weary indifference.

He is quite unique in the way he delivers his jokes with as little energy as possible, but by doing this he makes it look incredibly easy.

And that is how the evening went by so quickly. You don't feel as if he is desperately trying to make the audience laugh- he knows exactly how to tell jokes and he does it with ease. Annoyances in his life are all covered from grumpy teenagers to asking for directions to 9/11 conspiracy theories. He talks about a hopeless electricians, an annoying neighbour and parents who love to talk about their children.

The audience seemed to be really laughing when just before the second half he thanked everyone for coming and made reference to the "control freaks" in the audience's lives who booked the tickets months in advance and how he realised three in four people didn't really want to be there. But the way he presents himself, even though he is moaning, does not make him unlikeable. In the second half I don't think I stopped laughing and I left the theatre exclaiming, 'He seems really nice actually.'

Dee is one of the best comedians I have seen live in a long while. He just makes stand up look easy. Live: Jack Dee is touring the country.

The following comedians are coming up at the Wycombe Swan Rich Hall (March 22), Milton Jones (April 10), Hardeep Singh Kohli's Indian Take-away (April 13) Sean Lock (May 6) Julian Clary Position Vacant- Apply Within (May 10) Josh Widdicombe (May 17) Greg Davies: The Back of My Mum's Head (May 23) Phil Jupitus (June 5) Jason Manford (July 3 and 4). To book call 01494 512000 or go to www.wycombeswan.co.uk.