Loz Jones: Luton's finest

11:42am Friday 27th June 2008

By Neil Skinner

Loz Jones, The Horns, Watford, Monday, June 23

My last trip to Luton, some six years ago, saw me verbally abused, threatened with violence, called a homosexual, and (eventually) chased onto a London-bound train.

Ordinarily I’d be pretty loath to return. So it’s a great credit to six-piece funk outfit Loz Jones that, thanks to a superb Monday night performance at the Horns, I might well be tempted back.

Making light of the unusually quiet Hempstead Road venue the four guys and two girls did more than enough to shake me from my post-weekend malaise and paste a ear-to-ear (rather gormless looking) grin across my face.

After a thorough, typically tight, warm-up from Ross O’Reilly, the guys threw all but the kitchen sink at, what proved to be, a memorable debut at the Horns.

I hope they will be back.

An instantly likable bunch, their irresistibly catchy brand of toe-tapping funk/rock was enough to make me forget my dislike for their home town and credit them for what they are: a top drawer act you really ought to see – even if it means a trip to Luton. (boooo).

Expect catchy tunes, laugh aloud lyrics and musicianship sharp enough to pick your teeth with it.

A personal highlight was their rib-tickling, toe-tappig ode to Watford’s nightlife, She Glows in the Dark – a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the extraordinary number of young “trollops”, daubed head to toe in fake tan, lapping up the innumerous student night promotions at the top of town.” .

Loz Jones are: Loz (of course: fantastic, gravel voice and on-stage swagger), Lucy, Natalie, Stuart, Rob, and Keith. Their debut album, Spoiling it for Everyone, will be out in September. I snaffled a preview copy after the gig. It’s in my car. It’s jolly good.

See for yourselves at www.lozjones.com


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