Featuring Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz on drums, American indie pop-rock quartet Kingsfoil will be kicking off their first UK tour at The Forum in Hatfield.

Kingsfoil write intricate songs that illuminate the everyday goings-on in life with genuine lyrics and upbeat rhythms. In the past the band have featured in the Top 40 Billboard chart, Top 7 Heatseekers Chart and they were winners of the Tri-State Indie Music Award for Indie Pop Rock band of the year in 2012.

In late 2012 the band self-released A Beating Heart is a Bleeding Heart and dived headlong into conquering America and beyond. As they hit the road with their energetic live performances and signature songwriting, the release started to gain support in America and now they are here to show the UK what they’re made of.

Are you excited to come and tour the UK? Have you been to Hertfordshire before?

Nope, this is our very first time. We can't wait.

How did it come about that you joined Kingsfoil?

Kingsfoil had the same manager as my old band. Their last drummer had left and they were holding audtions for a new drummer. I had been a fan of their music for a long time. It was awesome how everything fell into place.

Was it easy to make the transition from acting to music?

I don’t think there is much you can take from acting and apply to music. The music thing is something I have always wanted to do. I have been just working really hard to learn and improve as much as I possibly can.

What can people expect from a Kingsfoil show?

Connection! We want people to leave the show feeling like they were a part of something. It's an amazing feeling when people come to a show and know the song and the words. When that happens there are no lines between us and the crowd - the music becomes infectious. That's what we want our live shows to be. We want people to have fun and let go.

How would you describe Kingsfoil’s sound?

It's honestly so hard to answer that. Every band says that but for us it's hard to pinpoint it. A lot of our songs don't sound alike. They have their own sound. We could be compared to The Fray or Kings of Leon or other rock bands but we would like to think our sound is our own.

What advice would you give to people looking to make it in music or acting?

Work hard. Then keep working hard. Then when it feels like nothing is happening, keep working harder! Put the time in. It’s never easy. Millions of people are working towards the same thing, so you need to make it your life.

If could sit next to anyone from history for a three-hour flight, who would it be?

I love politics, so I’m gonna say Abraham Lincoln. He just seems like he was such an interesting person and I would love to learn more.

What one track best sums up the last 12 months of your life?

On the Road Again by Willie Nelson. I literally have only been home a few days this year!

Any final words for the people of Hertfordshire in the lead-up to the show?

I hope they check out the music! Just push play and let the music speak for itself.

  • Kingsfoil play The Forum, University of Hertfordshire, College Lane, Hatfield on Friday, May 17 from 9.30pm. Details: 01707 285000, www.forumhertfordshire.co.uk