Quick changing tempos and fusing styles from across the eras have proved a successful combination for high energy reggae-rock band Late Day Breakers.

The Watford based four-piece have been gigging across London and their latest success is being named the champions of the Battle of the Bands at the Colosseum, Rickmansworth Road.

Dhruva Grant and Luke Whicker, who are both on vocals and guitar, set up the band while they were still at Marlborough School in St Albans.

Since then the original pair have seen many members come and go before finding the perfect line-up when they were joined by drummer Rory Maher and bass player Mike Murphy.

The group, who are all in the 20s, have been working tirelessly for the past five years to put together a unique sound.

“We went through lots of changes but we have been pushing for a long time,” says Luke, a guitar teacher with Yamaha in Garston.

“We have quite a lot of different styles in the same songs. We’re known for changing the tempo and putting different bits in there.

“I like a lot of the 70s rock and roll bands.

“We are influenced by lots of different styles of music from different eras.

“It represents what’s going on with music these days. You can listen to so many different things now.”

The band cites influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and The Who to Bob Marley and Muse.

Having all studied music at West Herts College, the group are keen to use their knowledge to make original and different songs.

Luke adds: “We like doing things that are quite intricate rather than just sticking to a straight form.

“The core of the songs is written at home on our acoustic guitars and we bring them to band practice.

“We do a lot of creative work on them together.

“We have individual styles but as soon as we put them together they all start to relate quite nicely.”

Having beaten off competition to be crowned the winners of Saturday’s Battle of the Bands competition, the boys are hoping that the prize, a gig at the Colosseum, will help boost their reputation in the area.

Luke says: “It was the main prize for us. We’re looking forward to playing there again.

“We were really hungry for it. We really wanted it.

“We have been working for it for ages.

“We really feel that we have some good music.

“We just want to say thank you to the people who turned up and supported us on the night.”

The group, who still have ‘day jobs’ – Mike works at GoKula veggie cafe in Market Street and Rory as an electrician - are no strangers to the Watford music scene boasting gigs at the Cassiobury fireworks display, Croxfest and a number of pubs and bars.

Luke says: “The fireworks display was a huge gig and it was outdoors so it was really fun.

“Although not everybody was there to watch us they could all hear.”

The band hopes that more big gigs and music festivals are on the horizon, as well as being signed by a label.

“We’re hoping to take it to the next level. We want to start getting some industry input,” says Luke.

“When we have a good show we really love it. Our music is quite fun.

“We’re noticed that most audiences don’t move. We want people to actually dance rather than just rocking so we try to have lots of fun and energy ourselves.”

Late Day Breakers’ next gig will be at the Camden Barfly on March 15.