FANS of Channel 5's Milkshake! are in for a treat as all the kid show's favourite characters are coming to a stage in Chesham. Milkshake's TV presenter, Derek Moran, talked about starring in the live show, being a children's presenter and what it was like to be in the band D-Side, who had three top ten UK singles in the early noughties.

Tell me about the show.

It is a kids' show. We have got all the different preschool characters- Noddy and Tessie Bear and Little Princess. It is really interactive. What we are trying to do is get all the characters off the big TV and come out and play. There is lots of singing, lots of dancing, lots of jumping around. Each character has their own section together. It is a full on fun show for a child.

How do the children react?

They just love it don't they? They watch Milkshake every day.

Do you get tired?

It is a very energetic show from start to finish. We sometimes have the ten day stints, with two shows a day. They can be hard. But like anything your fitness builds up.

Do you like touring?

That is the great thing for me- being able to do live shows. It is just something different. It is nice for six weeks to be doing a completely different job.

How long have you been a presenter on Milkshake?

I have been doing it for five years. It is live. We have a show every day live on Channel 5. There is always lots to be doing. On tour there are always two presenters- and we all alternate as there are five altogether.

Do you enjoy it?

I like live shows. It is really fun. I have got used to getting up early. It was hard at first. I get up between 4.30am and 5am. I am finished by 9.15am. That is the nice thing- you can do things and go wherever you want. Children do come up to you but it is really easy- they usually just want a picture.

How did you become a presenter?

I was in the right place at the right time. It took a while to get used to it. It wasn't something I had done before. It wasn't something I had thought that much about doing. It is a real challenge to do live TV- with people talking to you in your ear piece and different cameras. I am loving it.

Do you ever find it hard to muster the enthusiasm?

I am like everyone else. I can be going to work on a Monday morning feeling really tired. But something just clicks- it is live. You have to be on the ball- it is just what you do.

How did you become director and choreographer of the show?

I started directing TV slots about three years ago. I did some small scale live shows. I had so many ideas and then this opportunity came up. I know the brand so well- I am passionate about it.

Did you watch ITV2's Big Reunion? Would you consider reuniting?

I am addicted to it. I know some of the guys. Those things always come up- people offer you to do these things. I suppose with those bands they were just that little bit more successful. I sometimes think it is better to leave things.

Did it take you a while to adjust after the band finished?

It took a long time. Thank God we had success and we had made some money. We did really well in Europe and Japan. I didn't really work for a while- I went on holiday and caught up with friends because for five years I had never been around. It took at least six or seven months before I thought I might need to start earning money again.

Milkshake! Live is at The Elgiva, Chesham on March 24 at 1pm and 3.30pm. Tickets are £13 for adults and £11 for children from 01494 582900 or go to

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