Despite continued financial turbulence, and further job losses due to hit the public sector, workers are remaining positive and predicting that the coming year will bring greater fortune. Around half (49%) of adults in employment see their career prospects changing for the better in 2011, while only 20% think things will get worse, according to research by our training partner Home Learning College.

A similar study conducted at the same time last year showed that just 26% believed their professional situation would improve during 2010. These fears proved justified for many, with 41% of respondents to the latest survey reporting their career has stagnated over the past 12 months.

Positivity concerning job prospects varies widely across the country. The South West is particularly polarised, with 55% believing things will get better in 2011 – the highest for any UK region – while 24% think the opposite. The outlook is bleakest in the West Midlands, where 27% predict further career woes over the coming year. In contrast, only 17% in East Anglia expect further decline, while 51% anticipate their career will develop.

“People are tired of continued economic uncertainty and eager for signs the country is getting back on a more stable footing,” says Dave Snow, Academic Director at Home Learning College. “Many of those who have hung on to their jobs during 2010 will have been subjected to pay freezes and other restrictions on their progression, making them hungry for development.

“If you’re finding it tough to move forwards at work then now is the time to gain new skills that will allow you to maximise opportunities when they arise. Investing in a professional qualification shows you are dedicated to your career and that you have achieved a recognised standard of ability, which can only be of benefit, no matter what the future holds for the economy.”

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